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Jacksonville SDA Pathfinder Policy & Procedures

Jacksonville Pathfinders

Jacksonville Seventh-day Adventists Church

453 College Street

Jacksonville, NC 28546


April 13, 2007


Dear Parents of Jacksonville Pathfinders,


 I would like to say that we are pleased that you and your child/children have decided to make Pathfinders a part of your lives. Much can be gained spiritually, mentally, and physically as you participate fully.

In order to insure that each Pathfinder has the opportunity of having a positive experience, the following policy has been established:

All Pathfinders of the Jacksonville Club shall be given at least four (4)

weeks of membership on a trial basis. At the next regular staff meeting the

names of new Pathfinders will be brought before the staff for acceptance

into the club as a regular member, or rejection. Causes for rejection may

include any of the following:

Failure to follow direction (consistently) of any staff member

during club meetings and club outings.

Causing disruption to the program that causes other Pathfinders

to miss important information (stops the learning).

A general attitude toward the program and/or persons involved

that is negative.

Parents of any child that does not obey the club policy and procedures will be contacted for assistance, and shall be notified if said child’s name is to be presented to the staff for rejection.

At any time during the Pathfinder year, ANY Pathfinder who consistently displays the above behaviors and attitudes will be subject to dismissal from the club. As previously state the parents of the child will be contacted for assistance.

I wish to assure you that we do not expect to reject or dismiss any Pathfinder. This is necessary to maintain the integrity of our club. We want only the most positive experiences for your child. 

Should you at any time have concerns regarding the management of our club and its procedures, please bring them to any staff member. Our goal is to bring young people to Jesus Christ and to equip them to share Him with everyone they meet. Please remember our club up in your daily prayers, so that we may all be wonderful servants for our Savior Jesus Christ!


Pathfinders For Christ,


C.W. Uriah Edmondson,Director


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Please detach and return this portion.

We have read and understand the policies regarding members behavior and possible dismissal and agree to uphold the policy and procedures of the Jacksonville Pathfinder club.


Pathfinder Signature________________________________________________


Parent Signature___________________________________________________





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